Mission & Objectives

The mission of the Department of Information Management is to pursue creative discovery and dissemination of MIS knowledge and information technology skills. Our department considers the “management capability of information systems” and “professional knowledge in technology” equally important.

The programs are therefore carefully crafted to provide students with high-quality managerial knowledge and practical capabilities in the business-oriented environment.

Accordingly, to achieve the above mission and overall educational goal, our Department specified four educational objectives for students as follow: to nurture graduates with theoretical and practical knowledge of information technology and management science; to nurture students with general capacity and disposition of information technology applications and management science theories; to guide students to master and absorb new information knowledge; and to help students open their global vision.

The Department is largely and diversely covering all the major subject areas in the curriculum and is responsible for over 735 students, including some 100 graduate students. We’d like to cultivate students with following nine core competences.

1. Professional knowledge and skills of information technology
2. Professional knowledge and skills of information management
3. Expressing and communicating skills of foreign languages
4. Caring spirit for a humane and diverse society
5. Self-learning and independent thinking
6. Interpersonal communication and teamwork cooperation
7. Mastering the knowledge of new technology
8. Information integration and applications
9. Humane society cares and attention to information ethics

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